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March 1, 2019

Slow Your Roll

So I’m driving down the freeway and in front of me is a big clunky bulky truck with some kind of containers inside of it. I’m not really sure what it was transporting. But what I do know, is it was in my way! Traffic was moving pretty decent, which was a surprise as ‘ride share Thursday’ is the worst traffic day. Go figure. But here we are. Going but 75ish in the fast lane. (Don’t’ judge). 

All lanes to the right of us looked pretty good flow wise, so I couldn’t understand why this truck was going to speed it was going. Now like I said it’s a big old truck and I am in a really small car. But for some reason I felt as if my riding the big trucks bumper would make it move faster. It didn’t of course. Homeboy proceeded along like I wasn’t even a factor. I was getting annoyed. I thought about going around as I’d done to several cars earlier, around other cars that have to be in the fast lane going regular speed. Nervy. As I made up my mind to do so, he turned on his blinker! Yea! As he accelerated in preparation to change lanes, I accelerated in preparation to ease on down said road. 

So. He begins his lane change as I accelerate. Except as he continues to speed down the highway, Ihave to hit the brakes. Turns out, the truck wasn’t the one that was slowing my commute… it was the car in front of the truck that was driving slow, slowing both of our commute. I chuckled after adjusting my speed. Again. And then following the lead of the truck I went around the slow car. 

But then I did what I often do during my 2 hour drive. I went in my head. Just like during my commute, I have my mind set on where I am trying to get to (even when I have no idea where exactly that is). I always want to speed ahead. Sometimes cutting corners. Sometimes God (I feel) is standing in front of me. I feel like he is not on board with what I’m trying to do (how arrogant of me). When in reality He is protecting me from running into something that I have no idea is on the other side of Him. I imagine there have been many times when God, like that truck, decided to move on over (probably in both cases out of frustration from my pestering) and let me try to go on about my way. And it is then that I see clearly what He saw on the other side. That He was protecting me from. *sigh*

Only He knows what is to come. And only He knows if I’m ready for it or not! He protects me. Shields me. But sometimes He straight up shows me. And I am reminded to slow down!

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